Rescribe Desktop Tool v1.2.0 released

We have a fresh new release of our desktop OCR tool Rescribe out now, v1.2.0. This fixes all known bugs, and adds a nice new feature. We also released v1.1.0 last year, very quietly. As with the previous releases, this works on MacOS, Windows and Linux, and is designed to be easy to install and use. It’s free and available to download now.

There were several annoying little bugs around which have been fixed, chief among them an issue where a directory containing pages with spaces in their names could fail to process correctly. Also the Google Book downloading wasn’t working correctly on with newer Macs, and the flatpak build for Linux did not work with custom training files. All of these bugs have now been fixed.

The interface is also a little sharper, and the new feature of this release is the generation of a file containing all of the OCR from all pages, in one simple plain text file. A small change, but one that should hopefully be very useful.

We are also available on flathub (we have been since the previous release, in fact), so Linux users can optionally install Rescribe from their app stores through that if they prefer.

As ever, we love to hear from people who use our software, whether it’s going well or not, so please do reach out on